Saturday, November 28, 2015


#GivingTuesday is rapidly  approaching!  I hope you'll join us on December 1st by participating in this growing movement of giving of ourselves to help others.  If you are looking for someplace to GIVE, please go to to add a brick to our Giving Tower.  You can also make a donation directly on our website  All donations received between now and December 1st will go directly to providing holiday assistance to families fighting childhood cancer.  Right now, we have $10,000 for this program.  We would LOVE to DOUBLE that amount!
We know first hand how expensive childhood cancer is.  It is much more than co-pays and deductibles.  There are tens of thousands of dollars in additional uncovered expenses, not to mention the loss of income because of unpaid time off from work to care for the sick child.  When given the choice, many times family have to pick co-pays instead of food.  Now, imagine the additional stress the holidays create....  It is downright awful.  Depressing.  There is no joy.  
Don't get me wrong.  It's not about material things.  It's about being able to take the time to put a smile on their children's faces.  This could be an afternoon at the movies and a dinner out for their family.  It could be  skiing, or ice-skating, or going to a Broadway show.  It could be THOSE boots that a 15 year old receiving radiation to her spine really wants. but the funds just aren't there because of the hundreds of dollars that need to be spent driving to and from the hospital each day for six weeks.  It could be an afternoon for mani-pedis for a mom and her SuperSibs.  Honestly, it could be a haircut for mom.  It could be an evening at a hockey game for Dad and the patient.  I could be a cookie exchange party for the patient and her friends because her blood counts happen to be good and she is allowed to be around people.
Your donation toward our #GivingTuesday campaign could provide all of this and MORE.
All donations made between now and December 1, will go directly toward this holiday campaign.  Your donation will make it's way directly into the hands of a family fighting childhood cancer.  Can you help?

Much love and gratitude for your unending support these last 6+ years,