Monday, August 16, 2010

Update - 8/16

So, it has been a couple of weeks since I updated the blog (thanks for reminding me, Robin...).
After Campbell appointment with the neurologist (see last post), she had an MRI of her brain and full spine - a 4 1/2 hour event - at Morristown Memorial Hospital. The scan itself went smoothly. We did not get an official reading on Friday but did hear from the local oncologist (Dr. Fritz) who said that the preliminary reports were that there was no sign of new tumor growth - which is great news. She would be sending the scans up to Boston for them to review as well. On Monday, we got the final word from the radiologists reading the scans - ALL CLEAR!!!

We spent the next several days with a weight off of our shoulders and it was discussed that the appointments in Boston for September (Cam was scheduled for an MRI, opthomologist, audiologist, Brain Tumor Clinic....etc...appointments).

This past Friday, we received another call from Dr Fritz with the findings based on Boston's reading....

The images showed some "thickening" on the optic nerve on Cam's right eye. In addition, there was some "linear enhancement" on her spine. While there is no specific tumor growth that they can identify - this is a change from her June MRI and is enough cause for concern to NOT cancel her September appointments. They would like to repeat the MRI and see Cam in the BTC at Dana Farber. In addition, they she will have another spinal tap to run cytology (check for cancer cells in her CSF). This, however, cannot be done until after they see the MRI to make sure that it is safe to do so - if you do an LP and there is tumor present, the decrease in CSF can cause the brain to "drop" and make matters worse. There are also some less dire possibilities - radiation scarring (though unlikely due to the location being outside the radiation field), meningitis scarring - but given Cam's history, they are going to take a very cautious approach and make sure that no stone goes unturned.

So we are back to watchful (and hopeful) waiting to ensure that Cam doesn't develop any symptoms that would make this a more emergent issue.

For now, please keep Cam in your prayers as she approaches this next fork in the road. Your prayers and support have brought her a long way and we are hopeful that they will continue to guide her through.

In the meantime, Caitlin and Caroline are going to hold a "Cookies for Kids Cancer" bake sale on Sunday, August 22nd at our local supermarket. All of the money raised will be donated to help fund pediatric cancer research. They are really working hard on the event and we are very proud of them for thinking of ways to help! More information can be found at:


With Love,

Greg, Robin, Caitlin, Caroline & "Cam"