Monday, May 10, 2010

5/9/10 - Happy Birthday Campbell!

On May 9th, we celebrated Cam's 4th Birthday - appropriately, on Mothers Day! The celebration was particularly special for us this year and we enjoyed Saturday evening with her favorite dinner, cake and a special visit from Cinderella!

She continues to do well on the anitbiotics and next week she is scheduled to go to Boston for a "final" spinal tap to make sure the meningitis is completely resolved. She is doing great in school and we are looking forward to the next several weeks' end of year activities with an art show at her school followed by her dance recital.

Her last round of blood work raised some questions about her kidney function and generated some chatter about taking her off the oral antibiotic. She will have some additional blood work today see where that number is and if it is still going the wrong direction, they will stop the antibiotic and do the final LP off of everything (yikes...)

Thank you for your continued support and prayers - we are sure that they are what got her to her big day!

With Love,

Greg, Robin, Caitlin, Caroline & Campbell

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  1. Happy Birthday Campbell!

    Elizabeth turned 4 on May 8th, and we were sure to talk about you on Mother's Day. She wanted to see a picture of her friend Campbell! We hope you had a great birthday and enjoy your recital...if it is anything like Elizabeth's, you will be smiling at the audience the entire time!

    The Greenville Chinns