Monday, October 10, 2011

As much as I like boobs....

I hope that got your attention...  I don't say this to minimize the importance of finding a cure for breast cancer, I just wish that pediatric cancer got the same press.  September is pediatric cancer awareness month and I didn't see any sports teams wearing gold socks in honor of these kids that look up to and admire them.  I am not naive enough to not see that people don't want to talk about kids getting sick, but COME ON!!!


Cam has been tolerating the chemotherapy regimen very well and continues to amaze us. She takes pills (not all very small) every day (multiple times a day) without complaint. Her hair has started to thin but not noticeably to anyone that doesn't see her every day. Her attitude is inspiring. She has enjoyed school and has only missed a day so far (she had a cold). She has gone every week thus far for blood work and has really been a trooper. 

This week Robin and Campbell go back to Boston for Cam's first follow up scan since she finished radiation treatment.  She also will see the endocrinologist, the neuro-oncologist, optometrist and a boat-load of other people that are much smarter than I am.  We are hoping that they come back with good news regarding the spots that were still on her spine - that they are either gone or have not grown any more.  Along with that, we obviously are hoping that the MRI of her brain continues to show No Evidence of Disease (NED).

We have been so fortunate enough to have so many people that care about our family and girls. Heartworks continues to amaze us with their generosity and random acts of kindness. Our friends and family are there when we need to yell, cry, drink or just have a "normal" evening. It helps more than we can express to you.

 Please take a moment to say a prayer to whoever you pray to that we get the news that she needs.

With Love,

Greg, Robin, Caitlin, Caroline and Campbell

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