Thursday, January 21, 2010

Round 2 - Day 2

Cam continues to feel great which is wonderful news. Yesterday, we saw all of the teams that we expected to see.

Infectious Disease didn't seem all that concerned given the way she was acting but was said that they would have been happier to know if it was the same bacteria as last time or not. They are now working on a treatment plan for Cam which will most likely involve several WEEKS of antibiotics via her PICC.

Neuro-Oncology was also in and from a cancer standpoint, she looks great. They didn't have any concerns with the scans that we brought with us.

Neuro-Surgery was in and the doctor that we saw was somewhat on the fence as to how they would handle her. One option he mentioned was what amounts to exploratory brain surgery - take out anything foreign that is in there, irrigate the area, maybe not putting the piece of skull back in...YIKES!!! We are not prepared to let them go in and pick at her head until they have no other options left on the table and it appears that they are on the same page. He was just laying all of the options out there.

This morning, they started talking discharge orders so we are hopeful that we will be out of here by this weekend!!! They still need to decide on length of treatment and what to do long term for her. Again, this will most likely mean close coordination between her primary care doctor, the oncology team at home, the ID team at home as well as the oncology and ID teams here in Boston. Anytime that Cam gets anything, they will have to agree on an approach since clearly she lives to make their lives complicated! Her long term follow up brain tumor care will still be done here but they think that it is important that EVERYONE be kept up to speed to make sure that the coordination of care is top notch - can't argue with that logic...

The rest of today, we will wait and see and keep our fingers crossed that they get the home health situation worked out and get us out of here in the AM...shhhhhhh......don't say it too much or it won't happen...

With Love,

Greg, Robin, Caitlin, Caroline & Campbell


  1. Wonderful! Don't you just love "a plan"? Nothing relieves stress better than having a plan. Looking forward to seeing you all back home soon. Hugs to Cam! xoxo

  2. Love you all. Wishing you a peaceful night, more good news, and safe travels when you get on the road. xoxo
    "Mrs. Lev"

  3. you guys are always in my thoughts and prayers.