Friday, August 5, 2011

Update - 8/5

The first 4 treatments of radiation are done!!!!

Cam came through like the champ that we all think she is. No nausea to speak of really and we were able to relax during the evenings.

On Monday, she had an MRI of her brain - just to get a baseline prior to radiation beginning. The scan was CLEAN! This is really good news.

On Tuesday, we met with the radiation oncologist while Cam was in for her treatment and she showed us the two spots on her spine that they are concerned with. They are both VERY small and they are hopeful that treating them with the radiation and chemotherapy witll be sufficient to keep them from growing any further and\or get rid of them completely.

Also on Tuesday, we moved into the apartment at Christophers Haven ( It is only a 5 minute walk to the proton center where Cam gets her treatments so it is EXTREMELY convenient. Also, unlike a hotel, it gives us the opportunity to be with other families that are also going through treatment and share success and frustration with people that can relate with what everyone is going through. Cam has already met a few new friends and is looking forward to getting down to the "loft" to play with them again tonight.

Greg heads home tomorrow (begrudgingly) to keep our health insurance current. Caroline will come up with Nanny and Pop-Pop aroudn the 16th of August and stay for the majority of the remaining time and Caitlin will join her the last week of August. Greg will come up as much as possible on the weekends. With all the visits as well as the timing of Cam's treatments, we are hopeful that this will be behind her before we know it.

We spoke with the neuro-oncologist on Monday as well and they have decided to start chemotherapy the end of September - and will run for 27 weeks. So, hopefully, by next spring she will have yet another story to tell of how she kicked cancers a**.

For now, please keep praying for her and the amazing doctors that are taking such good care of her.

With Love,

Greg, Robin, Caitlin, Caroline and Cam

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