Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Update - 3/17

Campbell continues to feel great and seems to have put the most recent bout of meningitis behind her. She had her PICC line removed a couple of weeks ago and is glad to be rid of "supertube." We have had a lot of communication with Dr Lee in Boston at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and she has been a god send. Her attention to Cam has really provided a great deal of comfort for us and we know that she is in good hands.

Now we wait to see what happens and hope that the meningitis is gone for good. We are in a period of holding our breath everytime she says she has a headache or doesn't feel well. Ultimately, for the forseeable future every time she gets a fever it will mean a trip to the ER for a spinal tap so that they can rule out meningitis as the cause of the fever. This wouldn't be that big a deal if it weren't for the fact that both she and her sisters are in school and bringing home who knows what germ. But, as much of a headache as that will be, it is necessary to ensure that she doesn't get sick again.

Should the meningitis recur (AGAIN!) they will have to discuss other options to determine the cause of it. Obviously, you don't want meningitis and you certainly don't want to have it multiple times as there are many risks associated with it - particularly hearing loss which Cam is already at risk for due to the radiation.

This weekend we will participate in an event for St. Baldricks where Greg will shave his head for charity. We have already raised over $1000 for this cause and the event itself is over $30,000 for pediatric cancer research!! Coincidentally, the event will be held exactly 7 months from the date of her initial diagnosis.

For now, we will continue to hope and pray that Campbell continues to make improvement every day. It is truly a miracle how far she has come.

With Love,

Greg, Robin, Caitlin, Caroline & Campbell

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