Sunday, March 21, 2010

Update - 3/21

My how things change quickly with Campbell!

Yesterday morning/early afternoon Campbell began complaining about neck pain and nausea. ...uh oh.... These are two of the things that the doctors told us to look out for. She was not running a fever at all so we had some debate about calling the pediatrician and being the overreacting parents. We ultimately decided that we should call and after a quick conversation with the doctor, we headed to their office (which they were kind enough to open for us after hours on a Saturday) so that they could do a rapid throat culture in the hopes that Cam had contracted the strep throat the Caroline had earlier in the week....wishful thinking...if it did then we would treat with oral antibiotics like "normal." As we all know, Cam does not live in the world of "normal." In fact, she is not even on speaking terms with it...

The strep test came back negative and Robin headed to Morristown Memorial with Cam to start "the plan." You see, the plan was that in the UNLIKELY event that Cam became sick again, we would head to the hospital for a CT scan and a spinal tap. These would both be done BEFORE any antibiotics were started so that we could avoid the problems that we had previously. Then, depending on what those tests show, we could start on antibiotics and then head to Boston, as soon as Cam was well enough to travel.

The results of the CT scan were normal, but the spinal tap showed an elevated number of white cells = the meningitis is back (think Poltergeist...go ahead and say know you want to...). So she was admitted last night into Morristown in order to receive 2 doses of antibiotics overnight. This morning, she was put in an ambulance and transported up to Childrens Hospital for further treatment and to have the neuro-surgery team have a look and see if surgery is necessary to find out where this infection is lurking off in a corner and not letting go of her.

Robin and Campbell made it to Boston and after a brief stint in the ER, were admitted to our friends on 9 North (best people in the world). Tomorrow, she is scheduled to have a PET scan as well as an MRI. She will be seen my the surgeons in the morning and they will have to make a determination based on the scans as to if/when they will go searching in our babies head.

At this point, we don't know how long she will be there or what exactly they are going to do. I will provide updates as I get them from Robin as I am at home with Caitlin and Caroline trying as best as I can to be Robin while she is not here (...I am not very good at it at all...). If they decide on surgery, I will head to Boston to be there for that but I am hopeful (though not optimistic) that I can avoid that trip.

For now, please say a prayer that the doctors at the very least find the cause of this and a way to make her better for good.

With Love,

Greg, Robin, Caitlin, Caroline & Campbell

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