Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cam has been sprung from the PICU!

They moved Campbell from the PICU to the regular Pediatric Unit this afternoon! We are anxiously excited and a little nervous about her brain regulating the pressure on its own. However, we are confident in the amazing team of doctors taking care of our baby. It does help a little that in the four days post-op, she did not need to have the shunt drained at all - her brain took care of itself just fine!

The girls are having a great time in SC. Although they miss their sister and have been worried about her, they have been ecstatic to see pictures of her progress emailed to Mama's phone. She even got up and played Wii for a bit tonight!

Still no official diagnosis on the type or stage of cancer. We wait, holding our breath and praying for the best, until probably next Tuesday.

The outpouring of love and support from all of you has been overwhelming. Thank you so much for your concern, prayers and love. We are blessed to have all of your in our life. We love all of you!

Robin and Greg


  1. We think about you every day, all day. We will continue to pray for little Cam..
    Diane Webster-Lanzafama

  2. Greg and Robin,
    I am so glad that things are looking so well for Cam. I will continue to pray for a speedy recovery, so the whole family can be back together. Kiss Cam for me and give her a big hug. Tell her it's from her Aunt Lola in California. With all my love, Lola

  3. We continue to pray for you all and know that God will see you through all of this.

    Tell Campbell her unknown friend in Greenville is praying for her everyday!

    Cory, Hollie, Carson, and Elizabeth Chinn

  4. Great news about Cam...everyone at work is waiting for the details of how she is doing.
    When you talk to Caitlin and Caroline give them my love...I know when Dad was sick everyone asked after him and not the rest of the family...what them to know that they are in my prayers to along with you Gregie and Robin...


  5. That's great news, guys! Here's to modern medicine!

  6. Hi Robin and Greg,

    So glad to hear Campbell is doing well. Remember you have lots of friends here in Bville who can't wait to help you out when you all come home. Lots more prayers coming your way.
    Cheryl Maddaluna