Friday, August 28, 2009

UPDATE - 8/28

Yesterday and today started with Campbell not feeling very well. Luckily, it seems to pass by late morning/early afternoon and she is back to being herself again. We will continue to watch it and hope that it does not become a problem

Campbell continues to make improvement every day. Last night, she had a great time playing with Nanny & Pop-Pop and this morning she was up VERY early painting a picture (I'm glad that Mommy stayed over night with her last night)

The REALLY GOOD NEWS is that we brought Cam home today! We are all so pleased to be out of the hospital and we are looking forward to the next steps in her recovery.

We should get the final pathology reports by the middle of next week and we are trying to remain hopeful that we receive positive news.

The girls will be home on Sunday and Cam is looking forward to having her "girlies" home.

Thank you again for your continued thoughts and prayers!

Greg, Robin, Caitlin, Caroline & Campbell


  1. That is fantastic news. Enjoy the family and don't let her do too much. My prayers are with the family. Hug and Kiss her for me. With love, Lola

  2. Welcome home, Cam! I know you must be happy to be out of that hospital. We all send you big kisses and hugs.
    "Mrs. Lev"

  3. Welcome home! Sending you positive thoughts, and a lot of love.
    Rachel, Jake and Emily Rosen

  4. Glad to hear Campbell's home with her family! You are all in our thoughts and prayers. The Hespe Family