Saturday, August 22, 2009

Prayers Answered

I spoke with Mark again and Campbell is out of surgery and in recovery. The doctors were able to remove the ENTIRE tumor which is awesome news. Greg and Robin and the rest of the family wanted everyone to know they feel your love and prayers. Please continue to pray for Campbell as she has overcome so much already and we all know she will continue to do in the coming days. Thank you God for answered prayers!

Chris West


  1. Wonderful news! May things just keep getting better and better. We love you, Cam!

    Mrs. Lev

  2. What a blessing! You are in my prayers.

    Madeline Hamel

  3. Excellent news. Let's hope for a perfect recovery too.

    The Rollison's

  4. Thank the Doctors. This seems like great news. Betsy and I are so relieved.

  5. Greg and Robin-
    Cambell and your entire family are in our thoughts and prayers. Rest assured, you're at a wonderful medical center and will receive top notch care. PLEASE, contact Chris and I if you need anything...we are willing and able to help in anyway.
    God Bless!
    The Snyders

  6. Greg and Robin, i am so sorry that this is happening. i am getting in on the tail-end of things so it looks like things are relatively good at this point, but i am just so glad that we serve such a BIG GOD, He loves you and your beautiful family so much! and so do i, so just know how much i am praying for you and am wishing that i could see yall. please let me know if there are more specific needs, i love yall, helen

  7. Fantastic news! Thank you for the update!