Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Update - 10/13

Cam had a great weekend! If you didn't know she was sick you would not have been able to tell based on her behavior. She even made it for firetruck rides on Sunday ! We are all so relieved to see her acting so much like herself while we prepare for next week.

Friday starts the next phase in her treatment and we are praying that all goes according to plan and that the potential side effects are avoided as much as possible. At this point, if we expect the worst but pray for the best, we can only be pleasantly surprised, right?

The only surpise that we got this weekend was yesterday when the Home Health Care company that is providing her medication called to drop off additional antibiotics...we thought she was done as of yesterday and none of the doctors had let us know of the change. After speaking with the nuero-oncologist up in Boston, he told us that no one was very comfortable treating the infection on the conservative side was the best idea. So, Cam will continue on the IV medicine until the 20th of October (which comes out to about 6 weeks). She has tolerated it just fine - her parents on the other hand aren't big fans of the weekend 6am wake up call...

Your prayers have brought her this far, please keep them coming.

With Love,

Greg, Robin, Caitlin, Caroline & Campbell

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  1. I think about all of you every day and am so glad to know that Cam is feeling well. My heart is with you in Boston for the next chapter. Take care and much love h