Saturday, October 10, 2009

Update - 10/9

No news is good news.

Cam continues to make improvement every day. She had a visit to the park on Thursday afternoon exactly 7 weeks after being diagnosed. We hope and pray that the worst is behind her now.

The radiation treatments will begin on Monday, Oct 19th up in Boston. We got a chance to see the proton beam equipment on Tuesday while we were there and it is AWESOME. There are 2 rooms with the machines that actually shape the beams and one cyclotron. Each machine is 3 stories high and looks like something out of Star Wars. Campbell will be sedated for the treatments so she does not move at all. Each one will take approximately 30 minutes but when you add in the sedation it will be most likely at 2 - 3 hour event.

She will receive treatments Monday - Friday for 6 weeks (or 30 treatments). When you pad this a little for holidays (Thanksgiving and Verterans Day are in there) and allow for the machine to breakdown (which we understand it does do from time to time) that will have her finished by the first week in December. During the treatments she will continue to be seen by the radiation oncologist (MGH) and neuro-oncologist from Childrens Hospital. They will also stay in constant communication with the other doctors both in Boston and at home to keep them filled in as to what is going on. It is such a relief to have her care managed so well right now. No doubt she is going to have this all behind her before we know it.

With Love,

Greg, Robin, Caitlin, Caroline & Campbell


  1. What a Merry Christmas you folks will have if you can get this done by then! We are ally thinking of you folks daily and continue to pray. All our love,
    Stacy, Ryan and Katie

  2. I'll be mailing or dropping off a tutu, crown, beanie cap, gift certificates and cape this week! I hope Campbell enjoys them:)
    Michelle Delfs