Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Update

Campbell continues to make tiny steps of improvement but is still in the hospital. Her fever seems to spike several times during the day and late at night and "drug fever" is moving up on the list of possible culprits. This just means that she is having a reaction to all of the antibiotics that she is on and her body is confused as to what to do. She is sleeping a little bit better which is music to our ears since one of us is here with her at night too.

The vomiting also seems to have stopped - though she did get sick this morning from drinking too much juice too quickly (that's what we are going with since we can't accept a step backwards) - which is good news. Her blood work from yesterday showed that her white blood cell count was back to normal as were MOST of the other numbers. There were some inflammatory markers that were still elevated which they are trying to figure out but, again, not much will happen over the holiday weekend. It seems that being sick during a holiday does not give you the best chance at a speedy recovery.

Greg got out yesterday afternoon for a round of golf with a friend from work and Robin is going to escape this afternoon to go watch Caitlin dance at the minor league baseball game. Caitlin spent the day at the hospital with Robin and Campbell yesterday which I think helped her to see that Cam was getting better. Caroline spent the weekend with a friend at the beach and continues to be "Caroline". She is concerned about her sister but is able to put it aside better than the rest of us and actually have some fun. We love that about her and are so glad to have her just the way she is!

School starts this week so we are going to need to get creative in terms of getting to the hospital/school/work in the mornings. Luckily, we have many guardian angels who have offered to help !

Enjoy your holiday! If you are in the area, we hear that MMH is a great place for a holiday picnic! LOL

With Love,

Greg, Robin, Caitlin, Caroline & Cam

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