Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Update - 9/16

Cam is still in the PICU at MMH. They seem to be getting closer to identifying the source of the infection in her spinal fluid. While they are treating it as bacterial meningitis, they are still looking for ground zero. The current thought is that the shunt that was placed may be the cause. While it would be great if they could identify it, the treatment from there is not something to look forward to.

Tomorrow morning, Dr. Mazzola will be back in and will take a sample of the fluid from the shunt location which they will send for culturing. If something grows based on that and it is the same bacteria that they have found during the spinal tap, then the next discussion will be whether to remove the shunt, externalize the drain (similar to what she had immediately after the tumor was removed), wait for the infection to be cured, then replace the shunt. This is about a 2 week procedure and would involve Cam being the in the hospital the entire time.

The alternative would be if they decide to treat it with antibiotics only. If that is the direction that they choose, they would consider putting in a pic line and letting Campbell go home on the IV antibiotics. We would just administer them here and no doubt bring her in once a week for them to look at her.

Boston is on hold temporarily as is the beginning of any radiation treatment until they are able to get the fever/infection under control. No one wants to consider starting the radiation while she is still sick.

On a positive note, Cam was up and acting GREAT this afternoon. She was smiling and laughing and was out of bed and sitting on the chair watching a movie. That makes the whole process a little bit easier. When she was really feeling and acting sick, it tore our hearts out.

Hoping and Praying for better days in her future!

Greg, Robin, Caitlin, Caroline & Campbell


  1. So glad to hear she had a good afternoon. Hope it will continue overnight. Thinking of you nonstop. Love you all and big kisses and hugs to Cam.
    "Mrs. Lev"

  2. I don't know how you guys are doing this....I know, you have no choice, but your strength and faith are astonishing. God Bless you all.....remember that nothing happens in God's world by mistake - we don't get to know the reasons. It's truly a test of faith. Prayers are with you from all around the country. Kiss Cam for me. Love, ABJ