Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Update - 9/2

We had a LONG night last night with Cam. She was up most of the night either uncomfortable due to the incision in her belly or feeling sick to her stomach. She vomited multiple times in the night and again this morning so we were, needless to say, concerned with what the next information to come would be.

First, the "good news" - From a neurological standpoint, Dr Mazzola is very pleased. The shunt placement looks great. She did mention that based on the x-ray that the increased pressure in Cam's head could have been going on for quite some time. What does that mean?... we'll have to wait and see what the pathology says. We are really growing to hate that answer but are encouraged by the possibilities. If it was up to Dr Mazzola, we would be going home today...

The "bad news" is that she is still vomiting and her white blood cell count is elevated. This is an indication of some type of infection. So, they are going to keep her here in the PICU for another night while they give her some IV antibiotics. They will repeat the blood tests in the morning and hopefully see the count return to normal. She is also showing some signs of anemia which may be due to the IV fluids she is receiving but they will repeat that test in the morning as well to make sure it is nothing to be concerned about. This may be the cause of the vomiting but it could also be "normal post surgical nausea."

She is still in some pain in her belly this morning but wanted to get up and go play Wii (until they gave her some more pain medication and she passed out in her bed) or Candyland. It was nice to see her asking to go be a kid again even if her body didn't like the idea.

Meanwhile, Caitlin and Caroline have been living it up with both sets of grandparents. We could not be luckier to have them both so close.

With Love,

Greg, Robin, Catilin, Caroline and Cam


  1. What a gift it is to have such great medical care for Cam AND loving grandparents ready and able to pitch in. Despite all that's going on, that's got to make you smile! XOXO
    The D's

  2. Greg & Robin-
    Sounds like she's staying strong and wanting to work through these setbacks-great to hear she's such a great little girl. We're all praying for you and keeping the faith that she'll get through this.
    Colin & Teri

  3. Robin and Greg,
    Hope Cam is feeling more comfortable tonight. Maybe she will sleep better after all she has been through in the past couple of days. We think of you all day long. Sending you lots of love and prayers!
    "Mrs. Lev"

  4. She is truly a very brave and strong little girl, along with her parents!! Despite these setbacks, her prognosis looks great. I am still amazed that her little self just had brain surgery and now shunt surgery and yet she is still ready to PLAY!! Kids are resilient in so many more ways than we adults are. Hang in there, I truly believe more good news is on the horizon. much love to you all-h