Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Update - 9/15 - 5:00pm

In keeping with her trend of stumping everyone around and keeping the doctors guessing, the cultures that were taken yesterday during Campbell's spinal tap were growing bacteria this morning. So, Campbell has been admitted back to the PICU at Morristown Memorial Hospital to be treated for bacterial meningitis (yes, the one they didn't think it was yesterday).

They did an additional spinal tap this afternoon to send off for cultures to ensure that yesterdays "slide" was not contaminated and as such providing a false positive. Unfortunately, before they will be willing to release her with a negative result, the cultures need to sit for 72 hours. Generally speakingl, if something is going to grow, it will be early so ideally tomorrow we will have an idea as to what to expect. They have put her back on IV antibiotics and she will remain in isolation until she has been on them for 24 hours. Incidentally, after being without a noticable fever over the past 48 hours at home, Cam's fever showed at 102 when she was admitted today...WTF?!?!?!?!

If the cultures do come back negative, they may then take a sample from the shunt location to see if that is what is causing the elevated white cell counts in her spinal fluid. If it is, they would then consider removing the shunt and watching to see how she responds. But that would involve an additional surgery and obviously additional time spent in the hospital.

We enter yet another phase of "patiently" waiting to get the results of more tests. Please continue to pray for Campbell as she enters this phase of her recovery - that the Lord may guide her doctors and nurses and lay His healing hand upon her once again.

With Love,

Greg, Robin, Caitlin, Caroline & Campbell


  1. I can't imagine how frustrated you guys must be. Please give our love to Campbell and we will continue to pray for her FULL recovery.
    With love,
    Kari, Rick, Harry and Ava

  2. Oh Robin...I couldn't believe Cam was back in the hospital when we picked up Caitlin for dance. Hang in there. Maybe they will finally figure this out.We are all praying hard for her.

    With love,

  3. I know that you guys must be exhausted. I am so sorry that you keep having to go back into the hospital. If there is anything that Heather and I can do to help just let us know. I bet that y'alls heads are spinning now with all of the different opinions and what not. IF you guys want a medical person to talk to about things either of us can talk anytime.

    Love you guys,
    Mike and Heather

  4. I'm so sorry, you guys. It seems so long ago that she was admitted for the first time. You must be totally exhausted. You have all our love and our prayers for her full recovery. In my heart, I still feel that everything can turn out fine we just have to help you folks get through this. If there is anything we can do from down here, let us know. We would be more than happy to help. Give Cam our love, her cousins Ry and Katie are pulling for her everyday, as am I.

    Love to you and ALL your girls (can't forget Caroline and Caitlin),
    Stacy, Ryan and Katie

  5. I'm sorry, I was really hoping that the no fever meant Campbell had turned a corner. I can't imagine the emotional and physical exhaustion you must be feeling. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you always as you try to navigate through this difficult time.

    All our love,
    Kelly, Twinky, Addison and Brayden

  6. I know you guys will get through this part as well. Keep your chin up and stay positive. I know you are in good hands! You all are in our thoughts and prayers!

    Cory, Hollie, Carson, and Elizabeth