Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Update - 9/9

Cam is coming home!!!!!!

The doctors have finally decided that since she only has a fever at this point, it is safe for her to be discharged home. They are still stumped as to what might be causing the fever.

Yesterday, Campbell had an injection of some radioactive material in preparation for tomorrows test (which can be done outpatient despite her having to be sedated and intubated). This test will hopefully show where the infection is. However, Dr Fritz (one of the oncology team and our pediatricians wife) does not feel as though it is gong to show anything. We have asked Dr. Porter to please be sure to do the dishes and take out the trash for the coming weeks so that his wife is in a happy mood while she treats Cam!

Cam is also scheduled to have another spinal tap on Monday (the 14th) . We orignally thought that this was NOT going to be necessary after it was done in the OR last Monday. However, while that scan did not show any metastesis of the cancer, there were some "atypical cells" identified. This has led to some speculation that the fever is a result of aseptic meningitis. The new spinal tap will allow them to determine if this is the case.

Hopefully one of the two upcoming tests will help identify the source of the fever and allow them to treat it once and for all. Tonight, we will need to watch her closely to make sure there is no neurological decrease and that the vomiting does not return. If so, there are 3 phone calls to make - Dr. Mazzola, Dr Porter and Dr Fritz - and then a ride back to the ER.

Her coming home is so comforting for all of us. We will all be under the same roof for only the 4th night in 3 weeks which will help everyone resume some sort of normalcy. Caitlin and Caroline will start school tomorrow and we were very concerned that we wouldn't be able to be there to see them both off. Campbell will be able to sleep in her own bed and play with her own toys and we hope that this lifts her spirits as well.

Thanks so much to all of you who have been praying for her and our family during this trying time. The support we have received has been more than we deserve and we are eternally grateful.

With Love,

Greg, Robin, Caitlin, Caroline and Cam


  1. I'm so happy you'll all be together for the familiar chaos of "back to school" - Enjoy! We hope Cam's tests go smoothly. XOXO.
    The D's

  2. Hallelujiah!! I am so happy she's home!
    love you all, ABJ

  3. That is wonderful news! Wishing you a peaceful night and smiles all around.
    With love from all the gang here,
    "Mrs. Lev"

    We have all our fingers (and paws) crossed down here.

    Love ya,
    -Stacy, Ryan and Katie

  5. Hooray for Cam!!! I'm sure she will be happy to share in the back to school grind. I'm thinking about you guys every day and am hoping more good news is on the near horizon. love h

  6. Please don't hestitate to call if you need help with driving to after school activities etc. We're happy you're all back home. The Hespe Family