Saturday, September 5, 2009

Update - 9/5

Campbell remains in the hospital. She is still running a fever and none of the doctors can seem to figure out why. One of her pediatricians was up this morning to see her and joined the group of very smart people walking around scratching their heads. The Director of Pediatrics at the hospital stopped and he doesnt seem to have any answers either.

The GI doctors don't think it is anything with her liver (which they were interested in originally after viewing the ultrasound) which is good news but gets us no closed to figuring out why her fever keeps spiking.

As you can imagine, it is very frustrating to just not know. However, it also means that there is nothing terrible going on so it is somewhat of a mixed blessing.

They are talking about do some other type of nuclear scan that would mark some of her white blood cells which they would then track to see if it would lead to the source of any infection. But the techs for that aren't in today.

We have discussed many other options with Dr Porter (Cam's PCP) as to what might be causing her fever and our extensive medical opinion is that it is drug fever. Essentially, that means her body is unhappy with the antibiotic. That would be a quick explanation that we think they would have caught already but you never know.

She is starting to get her appetite back. She was interested in dinner last night for the first time all week and was able to eat a little and hold it down. She also had a little bit of lunch and dinner today so we are encouraged that she might be starting to feel a little better.

At this point, now that it is a holiday weekend, it looks like we will be here until Monday at the earliest and more likely Tuesday while they figure this out. She has to be 24 hours fever free in order for them to send her home. If they can keep the vomiting under control they might consider discharging her with only the fever. But it is almost certain that they will just keep her to watch it (rather than have us leave just to come back again later through the ER).

Thank you to EVERYONE for your continued support and prayers.

With Love,

Greg, Robin, Caitlin, Caroline & Cam


  1. I can feel your frustration coming through. I know you just want some answers. Who wouldn't? However it is good to hear she has a bit of appetite. A good sign! We all love you and are here to help in any way possible. You are in our prayers, tonight and always. xoxoxo
    "Mrs. Lev"

  2. Keep the faith. You will hopefully get answers soon.
    We are praying for Cam....
    Diane Webster-Lanzafama

  3. It must be sooo hard to not yell and scream at the doctors to just "FIGURE IT OUT"!!!!!With all the technology and medical advances in the last decade or two you'd think they could determine the source of a fever....geez!!!
    I wish I could help, my heart goes out to you all. Lots of love and continued prayers. ABJ