Thursday, September 10, 2009

She's HOME!!...for now....

We were finally able to bring Campbell home yesterday afternoon around 4:00pm. While she is still not feeling great, we think she was happy to be home and around her movies and toys. Caitlin and Caroline (her girlies) were certainly glad to have her home.

Here are the list of doctors that are currently treating Campbell- that way I don't have to keep spelling neurosurgeon and pediatrician:

Dr Porter - Cam's pediatrician
Dr. Koyne - Cam's pediatrician
Dr Kohn - Cam's pediatrician
Dr. Mazzola - Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery
Dr Fritz - Oncology
Dr Gregory - Oncology
Dr. Miller - Oncology
Dr. Mahmoud - Director of Oncology
Dr Beyorda - Infectious Disease Specialist

She actually ate some dinner last night and a bowl of popcorn, which was encouraging. However, she continued to maintain the fever all evening and through the night. We had a long night with her as she was up most of the night complaining that she had some pain in her belly. That coupled with the fever did not make for a restful night for any of us. She ended up vomitting very late/very early (depending on how you look at it) - which is one of the many things that the doctors did NOT want to see. So this morning, we have a call in to Dr. Porter....we are hoping that this does not mean another admission to the hospital.

The gallium scan is scheduled for this afternoon at 3pm. We have requested a pediatric anesthesiologist at Dr Mazzola's insistence. If when the time comes they do not have one available, Robin is supposed to put her foot down and insist they get one. Dr Mazzola has spoken to the director of the anesthesia department and told us to drop his name or tell them to get him on the phone. It is sure nice to have her in our corner!

So we anxiously wait for Dr Porter to call back and advise what is next for our little friend. I am praying that we end up with another night at home...

With Love,

Greg, Robin, Caitlin, Caroline & Cam

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  1. We hope she gets to stay home too! Will say a prayer that the scan goes ahead as scheduled this afternoon, and that all will go well. Sending you big hugs.
    "Mrs. Lev"