Saturday, September 19, 2009

Update - 9/19

Campbell had a great afternoon yesterday and a really good night last night!

She played with Nanny (having a preschool teacher as a grandma has its perks), then Lizzie Mac, her cousin, came to visit. Probably 4 hrs of playtime this afternoon - wagon ride, play-doh, Memory, Go Fish, Candyland, Wii Sports, foosball, dominos. She made the nurses and doctors all smile! They've never seen her happy. They kept saying what a beautiful smile she has - they'd never seen it! She even walked from her room down to the "play room." It isn't too far away but far enough that we are all happy to see her do it!

Last night she slept almost the entire night. She was up at around 3 and took some Tylenol. She was due for more medication that 4am but since she was sleeping so comfortably they didn't wake her up to give it to her and she slept until 6am when we had to wake her up to take it or no doubt she would still be sleeping.

They now have her on a drug called Diamox which is being used to control the amount of CSF that is being created. This will keep the pressure in her head low while they wait for the inflammation to subside. They did not put her on steroids as well as Dr Mazzola does not appear to be a big fan of their side effects. Once the swelling has gone down, they will gradually wean down the dosage of this to ensure that her brain is able to reabsorb and/or drain the fluid properly. If not, then we are back to talking shunt but they are somewhat optimistic given her current condition and disposition.

Today, the rest of us - minus Cam :( -will be headed to Caroline's first cheerleading game. It will be the first time since Cam has been in the hospital that one of us has not been there with her. For those of you keeping track at home, since August 20th, she has been in the hospital all but 5 days (and one of those days we spent the morning there for a spinal tap, one for the gallium scan, and one for the abdominal CT). Needless to say, we are excited to be out of the hospital together and able to give our undivided attention, at least briefly, to the other girls. They have been so good through all of this and we miss seeing them all the time.

Keep the prayers coming! They have brought her so far already and she has a long road ahead.

With Love,

Greg, Robin, Caitlin, Caroline & Campbell


  1. AWESOME NEWS! We are constantly thinking of all of you! Stay positive and focus on each other. You all are very strong! You'll always have our prayers!

    Cory, Hollie, Carson, and Elizabeth

  2. Praying for many more days and nights like that. Lots of love to everyone, especially Miss Cam.
    "Mrs. Lev"

  3. This update brought a smile to our faces too! It sounds like Cam didn't leave a single toy behind. Enjoy the day with your big kids - I bet Cam will be resting up while you're away and getting ready for another trip to the play room. XOXO.
    The D's

  4. so glad to hear Cam had some good days. We will keep praying daily.. My daughter, Sami (she is 7 yrs old) actually logs onto the blog everyday to check on how Cam is doing. She prays that she gets better soon....
    God Bless
    Diane Webster-Lanzafama and Family

  5. Lots of prayers for more happy days ahead.
    Rachel, Jake and Emily Rosen